Calculus of Variations

Back to Carthage

Conference in honor of Andrea Braides on the occasion of his 60th birthday

May 16-20, 2022


IHEC, Carthage, IHEC, Carhage-Présidence
Sabatino Moscati Library (Italian Archaeological School of Carthage), Punic Byrsa Hill, Carthage

Taking any route, starting from anywhere, we will be there…

Sponsorship & Patronage

Organizing institutions

Nothing of this would have been possible without the enormous – and highly non trivial – work of the Administrative Office of the Department of Architecture, Design and Planning of the University of Sassari.

And nothing would have been possible without the precious support and the invaluable friendship (in rigorous alphabetical order) of Giovanni Azzena, Andrea Causin, Enrico Cicalò, Attilio Mastino, Emilio Turco. Thank you!